Stinner Talks About the Mudfoot Bikes Mar 6, 2014


Aaron Stinner’s work with Mudfoot and Geoff McFetridge might have been one of the raddest collaborations last year. For those of us who grew up skateboarding, Geoff’s name resonates with unique design and seeing it translated to something we all love – cycling – was both exciting and frustrating. The latter because, well, we couldn’t buy a piece of that pie for ourselves! Seriously, the bikes came out sick!

The most important thing to walk away with from this conversation is that you too can make rad shit happen in your town, with your local artists and your local builders. It just takes initiative.

For more what went into this collaboration, head over to Stinner Frameworks’ blog!

As for more 35mm shots from this ride, they’re coming…

  • AttackCowboy

    As excited as I am for the photos, what I’d really like is for Yonder Journal to answer the call of the people (me) and make the Jumping Buffalo kit a reality so my ass can look fantastic.

    • btdubs

      Start your own thing! I wouldn’t feel right wearing a YJ kit if I hadn’t been involved with their project in some way… Different strokes I guess.

      • AttackCowboy

        In time I will but for now I’d like my money to go to people creating things I enjoy while getting something nice. Same reason I picked up Team Dream shirt.