I Finally Received My Spurcycle Made in the USA Bicycle Bell Mar 12, 2014



Yesterday I received my Spurcycle bell in the mail and immediately installed it on my Geekhouse Woodville. With all the madness of SxSW enveloping Austin, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The packaging is well thought out, the bell is simple, all metal (save for some rubber bushings) and the black finish almost disappears on a my handlebars. I know a bell might not seem like that big of a deal, but I am stoked on how great they look.

Now I just need to put one on the MTB…

They’re in the process of shipping all their (10,000) Kickstarter backers at the moment, but there is a pre-order going on now with a spring ship estimate. Head over to Spurcycle now to reserve one!

  • Raymond Walker

    This thing is friggin awesome… Tiny, solid construction, and no ringing when bouncin around on a mountain bike!

    • Jamie McKeon

      thats why i got rid of my bell. even bumps in the road would set it off. the worst, you look like such a kook

  • Otis Rubottom

    Got mine too. Stoked.

  • Ryan Combdon

    Had mine for two weeks now and love it. The addition of the second larger attachment band is awesome, you could place the bell anywhere you want.

  • disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ

    really impressed with the craft on these, but the smaller band wouldn’t fit the skinnier part of my bars which is a drag. had to mount closer to the stem.

  • Dobry

    Yeah man, it’s a beautiful bell.

    I’m surprised you just got yours; seems like they should prioritize someone with a rather influential cycling blog over your average joe. Before anyone complains, I’m not saying that’s fair, just saying that may be better business practice. I guess they’re just more egalitarian than the average biz.

    Spurcycle: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité . . . ding, ding”

    • I just ordered it like everyone else. I don’t ask for special treatment.

      • Dobry

        I would never accuse you or trolling for favors, but I imagine you ordered it with your real name and that someone who makes things for bicycles would have a list of people who should get things first who are likely to get the word out if they like something.
        Just saying that, if I was making a cool bicycle thing, and someone likely to be you or, say, the RKP people showed up on the order list, I’d put that buyer at the front of the line.
        Put another way, if I made something I really cared about, and wanted the world to know about it, I’d send it to people likely to make that happen ASAP.

        • Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying! Sorry, I replied quickly…

          • Dobry

            That’s ok. You do have a reputation to protect. We all value your product review ethics.

    • Anthony Jackson

      Finally, a trivial hipster-status-boosting product that will delight both patriotic vets and OWS commies alike! Now that’s a bell fated to define a generation! So at least the new millennium hasn’t been a complete wash . . . .

  • I’ll definitely be picking one up when they become readily available.

  • TonyWonder

    Love mine as well. It’s really loud. Weird having a bell after just whistling at people for so many years.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    one kickstarter worth a damn!

  • Patrick Posadas

    want one; beautiful bell for such a practical purpose.

  • misterdangerpants

    I got mine (3 of them) earlier this week and wow, they’re awesome! Put one on my Tomii #12 all-road and am excited spring is finally here so I can use it!

  • Dirtfreeak

    My wife ordered a pair without me knowing… I put one on my Yeti (I can
    finally warn other trail users without appearing rude) and one on our
    daughter’s bike- she loves it. They are really nicely made, and sound