Some Great Photos of LOW Bicycles by Ian Sutherland Mar 10, 2014




Photos by Ian Sutherland

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Andrew Low and these photos that Ian Sutherland shot made me feel like I was there. Seriously some of the best from this man’s shop and he’s had a lot of photographers visit him over the years.

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  • Aaron

    Did somebody ever take a world championship on one of his frames?

    • No but not everything with the CdM stripes has a title associated with it. I doubt the UCI cares about Andrew using them on the wall in his shop. it’s not like it’s on his frames.

      • Aaron

        Ah. I asked that that before looking at the photo set. From the first image on your post here I couldn’t tell where those stripes were and I got the impression that he was branding himself with them. Now I see otherwise.

        Anyway if there was a uci title for hottest aluminum track bike, he would definitely claim that shit.