Search and State: New Wind Vest and Arm Warmers Mar 4, 2014


Two staples in any cyclist’s wardrobe are a good set of arm warmers and a solid vest. I’ve been using Search and State’s newest additions all throughout the winter and I’m sold. The S1-AW arm warmers are super soft, perfect for mid-ride snot wipes (you know you do it too) and make a perfect addition to the vest.

Like their riding jacket, the S1-V vest is made from a breathable, windproof and waterproof fabric. It’s durable, lightweight and black!

Check out more at Search and State.

  • My muscles were too big for the mediums haha. But no seriously I can’t fit in mine anymore. Too much gym time this winter. =(

  • Matthew J

    I have the jacket and like it a lot. As BandC points out, S&S sizing is small though. I am a medium in just about everything I wear but had to go to large with the jacket.

    • Yeah, I’m an XL in the jacket, usually a Large.