RockShox Turns it Upside Down with the Inverted RS-1 Mar 23, 2014


In 1989 Paul Turner and Steve Simon built the first RS-1 fork. Now, in 2014 RockShox resurrects the RS-1 name and a fresh design that’s clearly a nod to the Australian MTB market. Or something. More to come… You guys are smart, figure it out.

  • I still have hope that this is a fatbike/29+ fork. The offset angle of all the “leak” photos leads me to believe there is more clearance than what they are saying. Hopefully this was something at trail house this year.

    • Robert Franklin

      I have my fingers crossed for 29+ clearance too.

  • Craig

    from Drunk Cyclists facebook page.

  • Noel

    Looks nice. Are the lowers (or in case uppers) carbon?

  • Robert0321

    Leave No Fork Unturned?

  • catdrew

    great, a return to inverted forks

    I hope they have improved stanchion durability since the marz shiver, and the dorado (sc)

    if I had to guess it’s probably a race specific xc fork, using the integrated crown to save weight.

  • Alex Niknejad

    needs some kind of stanchion guards. it’ll be interesting to see how they manage the inherent flex of USD forks

  • Adam Miller

    Antipodean suspension forks, for when you have to flee packs of hungry drop bears …


    Really cool! However it will be interesting to see if the lack of adjustment on the top of the fork will discourage some folks from making the leap. Super clean look I must say!