Rock Shox RS-1 in Action Mar 27, 2014

Photo by Adrian Marcoux

Here’s a feel good flick from Rock Shox, featuring that RS-1 inverted fork:

“They’re the future of XC mountain biking—in more ways than one. Kate Courtney and Russell Finsterwald are classic overachievers: She’s a NICA alumnus gone World Cup hopeful (and is a Stanford undergrad in her spare time), and he’s a former U23 National and Pan Am champ ready to compete in 2014 at the pinnacle of our sport. Stripped of team logos, and outside the boundaries of course-marking tape, however, both are simply mountain bikers with a passionate penchant for new trails and eye-opening adventures.”

Basically, this video makes me want to go ride some more desert.

  • Erik Binggeser

    I’m certain there’s some sort of inner magic preventing this from happening, but how does a fork like this stop one side from compressing more than the other side, leading to the wheel angling in weird ways?

  • Keris

    Isn’t it more likely that you’d expose the internals to grit from the trail with this design? Given two forks with identical seals, one standard and one inverted, inversion seems like it invites more wear and maintenance.

    • Not necessarily. The oil is always on the seals with this design…