The Minneapolis River Bottoms on Fatbikes

Warning: this post contains the bane of everyone’s existence this winter – snow. I apologize and promise to bring warm vibes from here on out. Seriously.

I absolutely love riding my Pugsley around Austin. Both on and off-road, it’s been a blast and the number one question I get is: “what’s that bike for?”. My answer “snow”… This causes a look of puzzlement on their faces. There’s no snow in Texas! Naturally, but it’s still fun to motor around town and hit some trails.

Riding a fatbike in the snow is something I’ve yet to do, so when Jeff told me to stay a few days longer after Frostbike, I brought my Pugs and threw on some platform pedals. Our first stop (and as it turns out, only stop) was the River Bottoms. Kyle and I had been there before with Jeff, in the summer months and I was eager to see how much it had changed after the all snow and freezing temps.

We kitted up in waterproof fabrics and wool, set our PSI to around 8 and 10, brought some snacks and of course, Baroo, Jeff’s Basenji / Red Heeler mix trail dog… What happened next was a mix of riding and an “Adventure by Hike”.

  • We had similar conditions here in Toronto not too long ago. Unfortunately I don’t have a fat bike. I did recently polish off a bottle of Buffalo Trace though…

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Snow yonder radness abounds.

  • Jeffrey Frane

    love the ice beards. Baroo’s first

  • Jamie McKeon

    Reminds me of being a kid in canada. don’t miss it at all.

  • FireFly


  • Hacheon Park


  • Pearl Velo


  • Nick Pappas

    What’s the brand of dog jacket?