SRAM Trail House Day 01

Over the past four years, SRAM MTB has invited a handful of media representatives out to Moab, Utah to unveil new products, talk tech and most importantly shred the abundance of trails just a few short miles from town. Getting an invite to an event like this is as exciting as it is unnerving. Dude, you have to like, ride new stuff with like 20 people. Most of which you just met that morning…

The trails in Moab are unlike anything I’ve ridden before. Some are infamously techy, then others envelop you in smooth, flowy 1-track ribbons. Today, we hit the HyMasa – Captain Ahab loop and I had an absolute blast. Once you get over the whole new bike / new trail / new terrain and just embrace your surroundings, the anxiety subsides and with each break you take, it’s easy to fall into the environment. Or, in my case you OTB, get up, laugh and everyone is stoked. Then you all get to hang out as the sun sets over the cliffs.

I’ve only been in Moab for 24 hours and I can see why it’s a favorite for many of my friends…

See more of the weird Utah vernacular and mind-blowing landscape in the Gallery!

  • Carl

    Dat food table in the cover photo… Sram treating you well? Moab indeed does rock. I know its played out and so 1990s, but Slickrock is one of my favorites.

  • tanner

    One of my favorite photo sets!

  • Guest

    15 is stage right. Yeah Im that guy. :-) Great pictures!

  • Kyle C

    Cool off after a day in the desert with an ice cold…Guinness?

    • Ian

      It is actually super refreshing after a long ride on a hot day. Give it a try.

  • were any women invited?

    • There were three women riding bikes with all of us this weekend but none were media…

      To give some perspective: SRAM invites 10 people out each year from magazines and web sites. I’m not sure out of the pool of people to pick from, how many of those are female, nor am I sure how many media outlets have female MTB editors / journalists. Personally, I’m kinda curious about that.

    • Found out that the head editor for Bike Mag is a woman! She rips too, but couldn’t make it this trip, so she sent another person instead.

  • Quien

    Clara in Cornwall as she adds another 156 km to her charity bike ride