My Cycling Story: Jonathan Juillerat of Bluegrass Bicycle Company Mar 11, 2014

This is a great watch. Jonathan at Bluegrass Bicycle Company looks like he’s living the dream.

  • Adam Roler

    I have met Jonathan and visited his shop. I have a very favorable opinion of Jonathan. He cares about each and every person that walks through his door. He has knowledge and skill based on years of cycling experience in his personal and professional life. His bike fitting philosophy is uncommonly logical. Jonathan and his wife have built their lives around their passions. They are truly gems to all who find them. I know that sounds cheesy but seriously, people like Jonathan are not common and are deserving of exposure like this. I was thrilled to see his video. They do a lot for cycling and for the everyday person here in central Indiana.

  • Andrew Mc

    Simply awesome! I too know Jonathan and his wife Tania…They are great people who live our sport. Good stuff. Was stoked to see this on Prolly’s site.

    Yo, John, I’ll look for you at NAHBS…I may need some Bulleit.


  • I’ve known and worked with Jonathan and Tania for years now. They are stellar people. P.S. – I created their bluegrass logo and all their ride t-shirts.

  • Jamie McKeon

    that van!

  • Salim Riley

    Hey, what shop did he work at in DC? Revolution, Pro Shop or Big Wheel?