Met Helmets: We Are Italian Mar 6, 2014

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful cycling videos I’ve seen all year and it doesn’t hurt to have such great people in it! Juliet Elliott and Dave Noakes and got to ride in Talamona, a small town in the heart of the Italian Alps, where Met is based.

  • timojhen

    Nicely done.

  • Danny Waskiewicz

    Italians, riding American Classic wheelsets

    • They’re actually British, wearing Italian helmets, riding American Classic wheels.

      • Dave Noakes

        :) …and riding British bikes. Thank you for the kind words John.

        • Cani Sciolti

          Next time you’ll come riding in our hometown, please drop a line.
          You are welcome.
          [email protected]

  • brian bromfield

    Nice vid …but her selle is too high…

    • Juliet

      Cheers! It actually isn’t, I just wiggle my hips around a bit too much! Need to strengthen up my core a bit I think, maybe that will help.

  • Juliet

    Cheers John!

  • Deez

    Someday ill ride the alps. Those windy roads with steep gradients must be hypnotizing after a couple thousand feet of climbing.

    I wish this video was a a few minutes longer :)