Matthew Slaven on the Kona Cinder Cone Past and Present Mar 18, 2014

This conceptual video by Kona, featuring their Cinder Cone and Matthew Slaven has all the makings to land on any top ten list for 2014. Take a bike from 1988 and pit it against its modern equivalent (how many companies still have the same model in their catalog?) – then watch the obvious differences in riding style and presentation. Personally, I still love seeing bikes from the 80’s get their shred on but yeah, modern MTBs ride pretty ok.

It’s really amazing. Thanks for the heads Bike Mag.

  • CM

    lovin’ the talking heads

  • albert_rdrgz

    I would love to see this with a stumpjumper. Also, I really fucking love that he’s riding in checkerboard slip ons.

    • Lars

      I work part time a bike shop in the summer, and the owner (who is in his mid-50s) still wears nothing but checkerboard Vans. In fact, back in the 80s when my grandparents owned the same shop the entire staff wore nothing but checkerboard vans, it must’ve been an 80s bike culture thing. I’d be pumped to see it come back.

    • Carl

      Oh hell yeah slip on vans! So punk. :)

  • Jack Luke

    All this says to me is that Kona went wrong when they stopped the jazzy team kits. Ace video.

  • Paint and graphics from 1988 on the current model and you’ve got a winner.

    • Patrick Murphy

      Totally agree! I know it’s a marketing thing, but some paint jobs today seem born more out of “we don’t want to offend anyone” than “we want to make this bike look rad”

  • t h

    Love the concept and seeing the 88 shred was awesome! The bars are painfully narrow!

  • Andy Moore

    My first MTB was a 93 Cinder Cone, and its theft was easily amongst the most rage inducing moments of my life. Especially after all those hill repeats it had borne me through on the Hill of Life.

    Austin PD declined to investigate, despite the fact the thieves were captured on video stealing thirteen bikes from my apartment building’s seemingly secure parking garage.

    *Deep sigh*

    Maybe the 2014/15 model is meant to be along my path… :)