Juliana Bicycles: Anka Martin in New Zealand Mar 11, 2014

Photo by Gary Perkin

Juliana Bicycles, the sister company to Santa Cruz, sponsored a rather epic MTB excursion in February with Anka Martin throughout New Zealand and the surrounding areas of the Nelson Tasman district. I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand and now, I want to go there even more. This looks like it was quite the trip!

  • Dan

    come down dude – it’ll blow your mind. 3 hours from Melbourne – bring Andy.

  • boomforeal

    pretty girls shredding in paradise ftw

  • Jamie McKeon

    in NZ, so how did they take all the rain out in post? but really this was great!

    • They actually had tents set up above the tree canopy to trap the rain and giant flood lights.

  • Kenny Stuart

    Yeah, hurry up and come ride bikes in NZ! Right after Melburn Roobaix would be perfect timing I reckon.

  • Daniel Michael Foster

    Bring your cross bike the road riding on the South Island is insane. Check out the Otira viaduct