Firefly: Two Frontier Blaster Builds Mar 1, 2014



Throw some bigger tires on these beauts and I’d be so into them! I say that like I’m I’m not already into them. Firefly put out two solid looking machines this week, including this Ti disc machine with XTR cranks and this carbon and a Ti / carbon disc with RED. I love how the builds are so different, yet their intended uses are the same.

Side note: I’m trying to use a different word than “adventure” for bikes like this. Any ideas?

  • Alex


    • BB is too low for a cross bike IMO – more stability.

  • s_mckenzie

    Sport Utility Velos. SUVs

  • FireFly

    These bikes were actually for a father and son. Picked them up yesterday. Stoked.

    • THAT is awesome!

    • Dobry

      That is very cool. Which one is the father’s? As a dad myself, I’m going to assume this was the son’s gift to his dad, because he totally deserves it.

      • FireFly

        The father’s is the all titanium hydro electric one.

  • Tyler Johnson

    All purpose or “all road”? I mean that’s basically what they are they can do road, gravel, dirt, trail or mud, kind of like an “all mountain”

  • btdubs

    All-Road bikes.

  • Dobry

    I think you win with “Frontier Blaster.”

    That being said, what’s wrong with “adventure”? Do you just not like the word or is it that any bike can be an “adventure bike”? I do like what Niner did, with “road less travelled”, but we wouldn’t want to reward their ingenuity by trying to genericise RLT.

    ATB? (all-terrain)

    • “Adventure” is so diluted these days. That’s all.


    What do you think describe them ATRB(all terrain road bike)?

  • about “Bikes just wanna have fun”

  • To borrow from Honey Bicycles: All Roads, All the time bikes.

    • But what about tracks and trails? Those aren’t roads.

      • Too true. All roads, all trails, and anything you might imagine riding on. I’ve been on 4 wheel drive ‘roads’ in the desert that qualify as trails in my mind. In any case, I hope to get a Firefly one day. Mine will be a wide tire 650b sort of set up as a randonneuring bike. They’ve made one like this over a year ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

      • Ace Metric Cycles

        sounds like our ornate logo “Road Track and Trail”. Did anyone suggest “R O A D P L U S”?

  • Joshua Romero-Perry

    Wanderlust Bicycle (WB)

  • Dobry

    I got it. Call ’em “Doc Browns” for the end of “Back to the Future”: “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need . . . roads.” We can go a little more obscure and call it an “Emmett.”

  • Jake Kruse

    the all-rounder, a la Grant Petersen and Riv Bikes

  • Nicolas Coia

    call them bikes, and then ride them.

  • Jorge G. Peredo

    Hi, John. Could you please give us the drivetrain specs for both builds. For instance, size of the chainrings and cassette on the XTR build, etc. Thanks.

  • Ad Vermaas

    If I would have a Firefly like that, I would add eyelets for racks (and indeed some bigger tires) and call it my XO bike. XO, because it would be my crossover and because I would kiss and hug it every day.

  • JRutt

    I’m the dad and what I had in mind was New England brevets and particularly D2R2 which is quite bit more wild and wooly than the local 200k brevet.

    A “Dirt Road Bike”?

    But what’s in a name?

    • fuzzy

      Nice, D2R2 is spectacular. I keep telling John he needs to get his ass to Deerfield for that one. I refer to mine as my “Dirt Road Bike” as well.

  • JRutt

    I suppose that in local (Boston) parlance, at least the all Ti bike would be a “club racer”, but that has more history behind it than useful description.

  • Noah Lynch


  • Western Rapid

    What about calling ’em ‘Hike Bikes’? Literally and metaphorically, that’s what you’re doing with them. Rolls nicely off the tongue, too: “I’m using my hike bike on the fire roads today…”

  • Michael Hulburt

    How about unroad bikes? Or a dirty bike? A dirty bike is a well used one.