Firefly: Ti Mixte Mar 20, 2014


This is actually kind of amazing. Not that Firefly was capable of making a good-looking mixte, but that someone actually paid them to do so. Check out more at the Firefly Flickr.

  • Beauty. I really love those TRP brakes.

  • awesometown

    Can someone please explain to me why everyone is using h+son rims on every “cool” bike now? Is there a genuine benefit to them or is it just they’re different and come in matte black.

    • Charles Southgate

      Quality, price point, finish and spoke count options.

      • This, along with the relatively new-found popularity of slightly wider 700c rims over something like a Mavic Open Pro. Perhaps if Mavic made their touring product range a little less opaque, and their graphics more minimal, and brought back CD Grey as a finish, they’d be seen on more ‘cool’ builds.

    • recurrecur

      cool factor, I would say.
      I’ve wanted to try them, but they’re $20-30/each more than like rims (weight, eyelets, etc).
      I share your confusion.

    • I like them a lot, in fact, as much as Belgiums, which fluctuate in stock. H+Sons are well stocked. And yes, black.

    • Austin Swinney

      The font and type setting are really nice.


    Okay! Now that is the raddest Mixte I’ve ever seen! Holy hell!!

  • Dan

    for the man that has everything

  • Those bottom bracket welds :O pure porn

  • Julius

    This looks exactly like your average German cheapo ladies’ bike. I like the idea of a modern approach to a mixte, but the bend in the rear triangle ruins it for me.