Firefly: Disc Envy Mar 7, 2014


These days, it’s tough to decide on your stopping method. With some systems failing, skewer genocide on the horizon, and awkward setup required, the hydro disc cross and road bike market is at critical mass (no pun intended). I do however find this photo of the Dura Ace hydro caliper on the latest Firefly easy on the eyes.

  • Noel

    V-Brakes and 9mm QR skewers FTW!! (only because I’m too broke for new tech.. 8(

  • Patrick Murphy

    On the eve of starting a custom frame discussion, I am definitely torn on what direction to go. I’m leaning rim, but Firefly, English, and countless others are making it hard. I mean, difficult…


      See my above post! Good Luck with your decision!

  • ridemagnetic

    ENVE needs to step up to the 15mm thru forks. For as ‘top of the heap’ they are I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.


    @disqus_Nl38CjRirg:disqus I am having Carl Strong of Strong Frames build me a Road/Gravel bike right now. A ENVE CX Fork with Chris King R45 disc hubs on HED Belgian+ rims with Campy Super Record parts. I am taking the Disc “plunge” because to me, as a non-racer type, I like having the option to run wider tires. I don’t run anything less than 25’s and 28’s seem to be magic for me and my needs. One thing that may help is my frame is being built with hydraulic hose brake routing. Although I will be running Avid mechs, I will be able to switch to Hydros later when I feel they have them perfected. Just thinking out loud here. Good Luck!

    • Patrick Murphy

      Thanks for the info – sounds like it will be a sweet build! I agree on the 28’s – I’m gone from 23s to 25s to 28s in less than a year and ain’t turning back. I doubt I’ll ever want to go wider though, and most road forks (well, enve’s anyway) clear 28s fine. I’m ruminating mainly on having a future-proof frame vs. an increased price & weight for the build (I have no disc parts). Not a racer either, but I’m a functioning WW. Admitting it is the first step…Good luck to you and your build as well!

  • Guy Hall

    Yep – I agree this is starting to get interesting! I have a very similar bike to this, only opted for mini v’s. I am really happy with the set up. I went this route as I wanted to use some non disk wheels I already had. Looking at set ups like these, I do wonder if I would have made the same decision if I were starting again now.

    • stefanrohner

      and if you tour in Romania, Turkey or wherever country where you don’t have good bike parts supply, the probability to fix your broken cantis or v-brakes is much higher .. ;)