Chris Akrigg Goes Chriscross! Mar 25, 2014

SO GOOD. SO FREAKING GOOD! Thank you Chris. Also brings up a good segue into that Thomson 27.2 dropper conversation…

  • shitbike

    Mongoose for the win! Bring ’em back

    • Sean Curran

      They never really left. I’m pretty sure they have had a “high-end” line sold at bike shops most the time pacific has owned them. I’m not saying they were great, but some of there MTB’s were decent.

      • Every Akrigg video has him on a Mongoose FWIW.

        • catdrew

          Only the new ones

          Chris has been putting out killer video’s for well over a decade, and only (relatively) recently started riding mongoose. For much of that he rode a custom trials bike branded as a mongoose to boot. It is only in the last year or two that his “riding the wrong bike” videos have taken off. I would wait before using his riding as an impetus to use a dropper post, as chris is one of the best talents the trials world has ever seen, and the rest of us are not.

      • shankshiv

        I rode my first crit on a Mangusta in 85.
        Had several Mongoose BMX frames before that.

      • shitbike

        they never really went away, just on a little kmart vacation. i’ve got an old Mongoose ATB pro and its fucking rad. not the best, but fucking rad! photos from

  • shankshiv

    Kid’s got bad ass moves!
    Thanks for posting.

  • I remember my Mongoose BMX bike, good times indeed, and I still have lots of scars to remind me.

  • btdubs

    Dropper posts are so far from the spirit of cyclocross though… They’re even far from the spirit of XC. Traditionalists…

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    too tempting… #dropsnottops #brappp

  • adanpinto

    Sven Nys climbs faster the stairways running ;-) Inspiring though…as much as this one was for me

    • caliente

      Sven Nys is also Sven Nys. I don’t think there are many people who climb stairs with a bike faster than he does.