Boda Boda NYC: The Rookie Race Mar 18, 2014

To avoid your bank accounts being drained by the queues of NAHBS builders, I’ll start dropping in normal content these next few days…

The Rookie Race is the “warm up” to Monster Track. So once again Boda Boda took to the streets to cover another fast-paced alleycat in NYC but this one’s got an unexpected ending.

Remember, in Boda Boda videos, #neverreadthecomments

  • charlesojones

    No comment…

  • Jesse

    hopefully he is insured.

  • caliente

    ah man, it has been too long since I’ve seen any alleycat-racing-in-traffic POV videos. Thanks!

  • Ryan Combdon

    After so many years of hearing Sabotage i still love it!

  • Quien

    Another day in 6-time Olympic winner, Clara Hughes’ 12,000 km charity bike trek around Canada

  • Jamie McKeon

    best hashtag