Bishop Bikes: Dichotomy Mar 11, 2014


I know this isn’t entirely all that surprising but I found this photo series that Chris Bishop posted to his Flickr very interesting. This is for a Di2 disc bike. It’s great to see new technology integrated elegantly into a traditionally-brazed steel stem but the contrast still gets me every time!

See you this weekend Chris!

  • Scott

    I personally don’t really see that as elegant, so much as I see that as “Chris Bishop does the best he can with an awkward battery.” Bishop is one of my favourite builders, and this is one of the better external battery mounts but I just don’t think that you can strap a battery to a bicycle frame and not have it look off. I probably won’t be switching to electronic anytime soon; but I gotta say, those internal seatpost batteries are pretty nifty.

    • Trevor H

      If my understanding of the system serves me correctly, that is actually not the battery for the system, but rather serves as a junction box that brings the wires from each shifter together so the signal can be run down one wire to a different junction box that has wires going out to the battery and both derailleurs. The only battery related functions it has is to show charge level and in the right setup allows for programming of the system and battery charging through one of the empty ports, assuming there is one.

      Super clean way of doing this though, especially on a custom steel stem. Can’t wait to see it this weekend!

      • Scott

        Ah, my bad, In my ignorance I thought it was the battery its self.
        Regardless I still personally think it looks out of place…a plastic electronic widget at odds with the fillet brazed steel upon which it is mounted.

        My opinions on the aesthetics of electronic components notwithstanding, that is seriously the most elegant steer tube clamping solution I’ve ever seen.

    • I don’t like the visibility either. In a few years, this will look like the Zach Morris cellphone (hopefully) – but Bishop did a banging job here.

  • Simon Hillier

    Identical to a build Ricky Feather did a year ago which won Best in Show at Bespoked in the UK … … Although Ricky doesn’t get spoken of too well around these parts.