Quiros Tange Aero Track

In the midst of all the NAHBS madness and in between nearly overdosing on Dayquil, I bumped into Armando Quiros, a frame builder I’ve featured on the site before, way, way back. Armando usually pops up at NAHBS with some insane track build. This time, he didn’t disappoint.

Like most builders, Armando keeps an eye out for vintage, rare tube and lugsets. A few years back, he acquired a set of the uber-scarce Tange Aero lugs, knowing good and well that the lugs aren’t worth anything without the tubes, or the post.

Some time passed and a random search on eBay revealed the tubes and the post, with a note stating: please note, the lugs are not included. He now had all the pieces to the puzzle so to speak.

He got cracking to it, built up a mean track frame and got it powdercoated before the show, building it up in the hotel room the night before. I bumped into him, outside the convention and shot some quick photos, which you can see in the Gallery!

  • Great build from a really great guy! Thanks for the photos!

  • Fatal acetaminophen poisoning is shockingly common – you really want to stick to the maximum dose with this stuff. Stay save!

  • Eric Schallenberg

    Wish it were a classic quill stem … but killer frame!

    • Joss Dakin

      Even if it wasn’t a quill.
      It deserves a nicer stem than that.

  • One of the nicest guys out there!

  • Raving Elk