Kyle’s All-City Space Horse Dirt Tourer

From snowy Minneapolis to sunny SoCal…

What better place to shoot this bike in Los Angeles than a spot that Kyle calls “Little Big Sur”. In actuality, it’s near the top of Griffith Park, just 30 minutes and 1,000′ in elevation gain from Golden Saddle Cyclery. This is the shop’s official sunset beer spot.

Just about every time we ride up, Kyle’s been on his All-City Space Horse. We’ll poach the horse trails as the sun is setting, rather than take the road and climb in half the time (they’re freaking steep). Usually, I’m huffing, out of the saddle on a cross bike, but Kyle kicks it into his triple and spins on up.

This bike is setup for the kind of rides Kyle enjoys: fully-loaded dirt S24 camping trips in the Angeles National Forest. He’s taken it up Mt. Lowe in the middle of the night, down a dirt track off the backside of Gleason and all over the San Gabriel Mountains. The build specs tell the tale:

Surly’s do-all Rack up front holds his E3 lamp, powered by a SON hub. Sitting on top is the JANDD Briar beer cooler rack bag (in stock at GSC). His shifting relies on Retroshift and Shimano. PAUL Minimotos provide the stopping power. A well-used Selle Anatomica saddle has seen its share of spills and thrills and those Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires keep his rear wheel roostin’ turns.

This is probably one of the nicest Space Horse builds I’ve seen! I love the brown Chris King NoThreadset too. See more in the Gallery and remember, if you’re in LA and want a similar build, the guys at Golden Saddle Cyclery can make it happen!

  • Eddie Barksdale

    I’ve been trying to stalk close ups on this bike since I first saw it. I’d be curious to hear what Kyle thinks of the E3 Triple and whether or not it really is “too bright for road use.”

    • trackosaurusrex

      Definitely not too bright.

  • Adam Carter

    beautiful. ideal overnight warrior. love the tires and rack combi!

    • Adam Carter


      can I get #17 in high-res for my wallpaper?

      • Yes, for $2,000,0000,00,00000 doll hairs

        • Adam Carter

          check your paypal!

    • DaymanDaryl

      That rack hides the dogleg fork bend.

  • Michael Ousby

    i’ve been on the sniff for a bag to sit atop my Nice rack……think i may have just found it!

  • GeraldBowles

    That’s one good looking bike! Love it.

  • James

    That 1 1/8″ steerer wrecks the build.

    • Jamie McKeon


    • Yeah because when I’m riding fully loaded, I love the way a 1″ quill stem feels!

      • Matthew J

        Don’t agree with James at all – the stem as well as the rest of the bike – look great.

        But have to say the 1″ custom Winter quill on my bike does fine, no matter how loaded it is.

        • It just depends on the rider too. I’m 190lbs and make quills move pretty easily.

          • Matthew J

            Good point. I am 165lbs.

          • Sara DB

            I’m 130, but have always had problems with my quill. Then again, I like all my weight up front.

      • James

        Still, a custom threadless stem would look alot cleaner than the current setup. Support your local builder…get a custom stem!

  • Joe Lusk

    The uncut Selle An-atomica is a rad touch.

  • Jake Kruse

    agreed, best space horse i’ve ever seen. dope as hell.

  • rusty

    that is a sick build! I’m so glad the bruce gordons fit too!

    • Well, they kinda fit. He has to run the wheel all the way back in the semi-horizontal dropouts.

      • Eddie Jacobson

        Any idea what minimum size rim those things require? mmm gumwall.

      • Cody Sielawa

        Do you know if his wheels are the stock rims that come with the bike? I just got some Bruce Gordon’s for mine and am wondering if ill need to change my rims or not.

      • Tuba

        Would they fit on a smaller Space Horse frame?

  • EffOhEff

    Any idea how Kyle likes the retroshift for touring? Considering running them over Bar-ends.

    • If Kyle didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be on his bike. He owns a bike shop and could swap them out pretty easily. I think he’s happy!

      • EffOhEff

        Thanks john, any personal opinions? I’ve never seen or used them in the wild.

        • Personally, I’m not into it. I’d just rather use barcons. BUT I know people have enjoyed using them… It’s up to you.

          • EffOhEff


          • alenehan

            I love them. Touring and CX. Will be buying the new TRP hydro versions next.

  • Richard Smith

    One of the coolest bikes I’ve seen on here. Love this! Agreed that the chunky a-head stem is the weak link aesthetically, but who the fuck cares? It’s obviously a bike to be ridden!

  • What pedals are these?

  • Dan

    love it

  • Josh Rice

    Shameless self-promotion, but I’m a big fan of my Space Horse:

  • Sara DB

    Love this bike. Put a set of all black Gordon’s on my San Jose and love them. Was surprised that they feel like big slicks on the pavement. Good buy!

  • Nice setup. Anyone know what bar tape that is?

  • Andy

    This is awesome. What size is this beauty? Anyone know what Kyle’s dimensions/typical size? Sizing looks a bit wonky on these…gf is a bit over 5’7″, 32″ inseam, usually wants a ~535 ETT, and still torn between a 49cm and 52 in the Space Horse.