2014 NAHBS: Thomson Elite Dropper Post in 27.2 Mar 15, 2014


Yep. Everyone thought this project was shelved, but it’s alive and ready to roll out in Summer of 2014. The Thomson Elite Dropper Post will ship with both a cable and switch mechanism or this handy, under rail switch. Run it on your hardtail, rigid, or even *shudder* your cross bike.

  • Richard Smith

    How does it work?

    • Chris Loudermilk

      I had the same question.

    • You’re sitting on the saddle and you pull that lever, the saddle drops so you can tuck behind it on steep, technical descents. Or to hop up high ledges.

      Then, you sit up off the saddle and pull the lever again, returning the saddle to full height.

      • Richard Smith

        I meant is it mechanically or hyrdaulically actuated? Like a Fox or a Rockshox? Is the cable/hose “stealth” routable? That sort of thing

  • Ian

    Yes! I’m ready to rock this on my rigid!

  • Guest

    Totally putting this on my bmx. Just cus’

  • westley

    Ive never seen an under-the-seat dropper post before, never the leass it looks sweet. Did they mention anything on the price?

  • reteptterrab

    We already have a few customers out on these and the feedback has been very positive; they look great as well as you’d expect from Thomson.


  • ellum

    Or you FSFG from 2008?

  • Carl

    Nice! A sweet option for how crowded MTB cockpits are getting if not running a 1x system.