2014 NAHBS: Ritchey’s New Breakaway Carbon Road and Swiss Disc Cross

Two production bikes that I was rather keen on at this year’s NAHBS came from the Ritchey booth. The Swiss Cross received what seems to be an industry-wide upgrade for cross bikes: disc brakes and a new addition to the family: a carbon Breakaway road bike.

Both come in black paint (not safe for non-metal heads) and aren’t too far off for production. I don’t recall what the MSRP was on the Swiss Cross but the Breakaway will retail for $3,199 – frame, fork and headset included. For the weight-conscious, the Breakaway comes in at exactly 15.10 LBS as shown.

One note: the Breakaway was made by Tom Ritchey and production will have clearances for a 28c.

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  • Carl

    Did ritchey re-design their fork for the carbon break-away? I assume they did not. No room for 700×28.

    • I’m pretty sure they will be… but I have been wrong in the past.

    • Christopher Beall

      On Ritchey’s site they note that the road logic fits 28c tires, yet on the WCS fork specs there is no note of tire clearance, same with the break away. The assumption would then be that the fork’s on the road logic and this version of the break way are different than the WCS fork and prior break away forks.

      • Carl

        the current fork(s) does not fit 700×28 tires, however it does not stop ritchey marketers and lawyers to claim it does. I am pretty sure the carbon breakaway fork is the old one. no room for 700×28. Overall I learned to stay away from companies runned by marketers.

        • Sean Coffey

          Hi, we have run both Continental and Specialized 28c’s on WCS forks with no problems. I rode such a setup (the Conti All Season 28’s to be exact) for the Roubaix Sportif a few years ago. That said, there’s a wide range of “28c” tires out there and unfortunately not all will fit.

          • Carl

            If you are aware that most 28 do not fit—unless you run some tricks, it may be very cool to advise customers “fits 700×25 and some 700×28”.
            365ac means 23

          • Sean Coffey

            Carl, valid suggestion, however I noted above that ‘not all will fit’ But I didn’t say “most do not fit” as you stated. And we are in the process of creating a list of which 28c models fit fine and it’s more than just the two I mentioned. In a perfect world all tires would measure precisely as what reads on the sidewall (assuming the same rim width) but that is not the case. This can be frustrating for everyone. I can guarantee you that there was no diabolical marketing plan to just fudge it and get a few more sales. Tom wouldn’t stand for it.

          • Carl

            Fork is designed for 23 tires. A 28 tire will not have enough clearance. Enough clearance = 7+mm in the front. I am waiting to hear the “list”. Be sure to run 700×25-28 tubes.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Swiss disc cross. Meow.

  • Richard Smith

    Interesting seat cluster on the Breakaway!

  • keirinmax

    nice one, but still no tapered head tube :/