2014 NAHBS: Mosaic’s Dura Ace Road for Crankstar Brisbane

You gotta hand it to Mosaic Cycles out of Boulder, Colorado. They really do love their dealer shops. In fact, this year, each of their bikes were designed specifically for a different shop, around the world. My favorite happened to be for Crankstar in Brisbane, Australia.

Painted in a navy and baby blue rings, this road racer has an intimidating stance. Built with Dura Ace (yes! calipers!), Chris King Turquoise, ENVE wheels, custom painted Shimano Pro Stealth Evo bars, custom Busyman saddle and bartape, this bike caught my eye before the show even opened on Thursday night.

I had a lot of fun photographing this one. See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Figured you’d all like to see:
    -non-integrated saddle clamp
    -proportional head tube / tt / st / dt


    • David

      is this even a bike?

      • David

        ITS SARCASM.

        • lol I know!

          • David

            its made better by the fact that Aaron is building me a disc brake, di2 steel bike with a massive tapered headtube as I type this. Sadly, I am opting for a traditional seat clampy posty configuration.

  • sprint4burritos

    Dear Mr. Prolly, this isn’t probably my favorite bike ever on your site. This just definitely is. I would forgo many burritos for this steed.

  • Tim Bateman

    holy crap that is badass!


    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this bike was bliss. It just makes me happy to look at it. Cannot imagine what its like to ride it! Wow! ( How’s that for some love?! ) ;-) @johnprolly:disqus

  • Great bike. What is the tubing?

  • chinny

    Those handlebars are awesome. Beautiful design.

  • Steve George

    this bike is now for sale… contact crankstar (crankstar.com.au) to get in for this one of a kind show stopper :-)