2014 NAHBS Mega Huge Oversized Gallery

Much like the road, cross and MTBs found at the 2014 NAHBS, this gallery has a 44mm headtube and is built from OS tubing. In fact, there’s so much packed into the gallery, that I had to give it hydro disc brakes, electronic shifting and through-axles. So descend into the rock garden of Galleries at your own risk…

This year, NAHBS was in my old stomping grounds of Charlotte, North Carolina. I went to architecture college there, slaved away for five years, got my degree and walked away, never looking back. Nothing against the city, because Charlotte has its rad moments, I just never found myself close enough to make the trip. So for me, NAHBS was kind of a homecoming. While I didn’t recognize a lot of the downtown or surrounding areas, that’s to be expected. It had been over 10 years…

I knew a few things were on the agenda: eat at Bojangles fried chicken and biscuits, try to shoot as many bikes outside of the convention as possible, chat with Chris Bishop (who wasn’t showing this year) and somehow, avoid getting wasted each night, because working 14 hour days with a hangover sucks.

Then I got sick. Sicker than I’ve been in some time. Musta been some bayou bug I caught down at Rouge Roubaix. Whatever it was, I could barely focus on anything, my head hurt, my throat was swollen and it was hard to stay indoors with the horrible lighting. So I lost a full day of work, didn’t get to chat to Chris Bishop (sorry dude!) and missed out on the late night shenanigans (thankfully).

What I did accomplish was a selection of bikes I felt were significant and a pretty ok Gallery, showcasing the highlights of the show (for me anyway). I also managed to catch a few friends meandering the aisles… See more in the Mega Huge Oversized Gallery!

21 responses to “2014 NAHBS Mega Huge Oversized Gallery”

  1. Ryan Combdon says:

    I can’t get over that all black Brooks C17, someday it’ll be mine.

  2. Area45 says:

    On that blue Harvey Cycle Works bike what is at the end of the drops? Looks like safety wire or something.

  3. Eddie Jacobson says:

    Great pics, dude. That Cielo with the tartan is mint. It would be cool to see the theme carry over to the fork in some detail, but yeah. Noice.

  4. James Chan says:

    That Harvey cycle works bike is gorgeous and so are the photos! (The caption says henry though! don’t mean to be a party pooper)

  5. Adan Pinto says:

    Thanks for the pictures! Thanks to your effort it’s like I was there (difficult when you are living in Belgium and you are a researcher).
    Beautiful bikes out there, like the breadwinner with DTshifters, the moots veecchio, the harvey cycle monster cross… I have to say I am sad of seeing so many disc brakes on cx/road bikes but if I forget this point, I really enjoyed the show.
    Cheers and I hope you are better now!

  6. PwetStar says:

    Great series! Any release date announced for the black Cambium?

  7. barry mcwilliams says:

    Team Dream Team sweatshirt spotted!

  8. Carl says:

    Working sick sucks! Thanks for your great coverage as always! Stellar images of stellar bikes.

  9. Matt Rumora says:

    Excellent coverage man – love that old school frame pump on the moots!

  10. Keith Adams says:

    Thanks John. Awesome pics.

  11. Dobry says:

    These are great pictures. Really feel present at the show. Thank you!

    Just as importantly, is that a Highlander-themed bike?!

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      It is! I was lucky enough to see it in person and hear Erik’s process on it, and it’s intense: The tartan is Connor MacLeod’s actual pattern from the film. The tubeset is the very rare Columbus MS. Eric custom bent the tubes, cut multiple windows in every lug, and split and reformed the head lugs to accept a 1 1/8″ steerer. As he explained, there quite literally can be only one of this bike…which is pretty meta.

      • Erik Noren says:

        Yo thanks Patrick and thanks for listening at the show too!!
        John, thanks for the coverage and the photos!!! they are brilliant !!
        and- @disqus_dobry:disqus THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!


  12. Erik Minman says:

    Hey, Erik with the BMW/Cinelli set up, great chatting with you too! Thanks for posting up the pics!

  13. abelincoln says:

    Awesome pics. Thanks John!

  14. Cort Percer says:

    It’s BO Time!