2014 NAHBS: Cielo’s Ultegra Di2 Road Racer

“Step right up, come see the latest from Cielo / Chris King – this bike has it all: tapered head tube, ENVE wheels, Chris King e’rywhere, PF30 BB, Ultegra Di2, grippy, fast tires and even the latest in chartreuse technology.”

Kyle from Chris King is always peddling the latest from Cielo and Chris King. With good reason too. Made in the same facilities as their brightly-colored, or murdered out Sotte Voce headsets, these bikes bear the same precision as the rest of the Chris King line.

The newest model in their road line, the Ultegra Di2 Road Racer is a full-on production model – meaning from the time you place your order, till it arrives at your front door, you’re looking at 60 days. Maybe 61. But still.

One reason I’m so stoked on these bikes is that any Chris King dealer can carry the frames. That means – nudge, nudge – any shop employee with a Chris King account can order one. Retail price is $2,495 for the frame, fork, I8 headset and add $300 for the matching stem. Cielo’s Road Racer frameset is also available as a standard “cabled” option. Remember, there are always Stem options too…

This bike in particular came in around 16 lbs. It might be less than that, but I don’t want Kyle wacking my knuckles with a straight edge if I’m wrong… See more of this chartreuse beauty in the Gallery! I took extra time with this one…

  • Uncanny resemblance to Artie, the strongest man in the world.

    • Ham Sandwich

      i bet you ride a schwinn. schwinn rider!

  • keirinmax


  • Johnny Burrell

    Is it just me or does it look Kyle has flasks in both of his front pockets? That guy is a rock-star.

  • Richard Smith

    Surely it can’t possibly weigh 16lbs? Steel frame, 4130 stem, super-deep rims, Chris King and Thomson components, SHIMANO ULTEGRA. There’s nothing light on it apart from the fork! I’d be impressed if this bike weighs less than 18lbs. I’d put money on it weighing over 17lbs

    • It actually weighs 15.9 lbs…

      • Richard Smith

        I am amazed! And impressed! And confused! Those ENVE rims aren’t heavy per se, but I bet a decent shallow 32h alloy rim is lighter, and CK hubs have never been one for the weight weenies. Also, don’t quote me on this (I’m at work; no time for research), but I bet Force is significantly lighter than any Shimano groupset

        • David

          Force 22 is about 180-200g lighter than Ultegra Di2 11s. Ultegra di2 is also about 10g lighter than the mechanical equivalent.

      • Richard Smith

        Those ENVE rims (assuming they are SES 6.7 clinchers?) weigh 520g front / 542g rear, opposed to 390g for an open pro or 460g for a HED Belgium. 326g for a pair of CK R45 hubs is heavier than most of the competition in that price range too. Even a pair of the notoriously heavy DT 240s are lighter! And a Thomson Elite seatpost? Boat anchor.
        Just to be clear – I’m not saying anyone’s a liar – that frame must just weigh 800g to build up to 16lbs

      • Barrier hero

        johns right I picked it up after Kyle came back in and it’s super light EVEN with electronics.

    • grayson

      My (L) 57cm Cross Racer with a mix of force/red/apex, generic alloy bars, fsa os-99 stem, ultegra cassette, 1091 chain, keo carbon pedals, paul cantis, dura-ace 9000 bb, fsa gossamer cranks and ultegra tubeless wheels with 28c gatorskins is (a hair over) 19lbs. Nothing to brag about, but nothing to be ashamed of either. This ain’t your dads steel alloy.

  • David

    My favorite bike posted from NAHBS so far. Fucking perfect in every possible way.

  • quesofrito

    Looks like what Kyle is packing in his jeans weighs 16lbs. #amiright

  • Rippin

    Lovely bike. Just a correction though – the $2495 does not include the color-matched stem. That’s an extra 300 bones.

  • schue113

    If they ever need another sales guy who looks like Kyle but a little younger tell Chris King to hit me up.

  • Keith Gibson

    The hardest questions is which color combination

  • grayson

    The pricing for the stem is weird to me. I’d love to get one to match my Cielo but thats more than an Enve stem. It’s almost as much as their rear hub, which seems like a more complicated component to produce? But on the other hand its only $5 more than a Rapha Brevet Jersey.

  • ray

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful bike. Thanks John. Could I ask you your opinion on the sizing of this bike? Is it a sloping geometry frame?
    I am on the verge of ordering one, but I can’t figure out the seat tube sizing on it. Thanks.

    • I “think” this one is a large – which is what I’d ride with a 110 or 120 stem. The geo sheet is here with “effective TT” measurements. I.e. the actual TT length will be longer but your reach should be measured by effective.

      Check here for dims: http://cielo.chrisking.com/bikes/road-racer/

      • ray

        Thank you very much for the informed response, it’s kind of hard to gauge from pictures. I am going to get the large. I can’t wait, it really is a piece of art.

  • Landshark

    How is this Di2 Junction box affixed to the stem, glue?

  • Keith Gibson

    John, Great pictures of this bike. Better than others I have been able to find. Placing an order soon, we’ll see about the 60 day lead time.