2014 NAHBS: Breadwinner Bad Otis 27.5 MTB

At this point, Tony Pereira of Breadwinner has won three “best MTB” awards at NAHBS over the years. So when this Bad Otis was getting built up on Thursday night before the show, I was interested to see what he had up his sleeves… Boy, was I surprised and impressed. Both Ira and Tony had killer personal bikes at the show.

Tony’s Bad Otis sports a Rockshox 160mm Pike front fork and it’s a hard tail. While that might be an issue on a 29’r, this 27.5 bike will destroy about anything Tony throws at it (or anything he hucks it off, rather). The Reverb Stealth dropper adds another level of adaptability for trail conditions.

With a head angle of 66 degrees and some nice, plump tires, this bike wants to go down things, fast. I just wish I could be there to see him shred on its maiden voyage.

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  • Brian E Earle

    The bike looks amazing. So nice to see something other than the 29’er xc whippets that usually get build for NAHBS. The one odd bit that stands out is why not a full housing or internal cable route for the rear mech.

    • Tony Pereira

      I don’t really believe that there is a huge advantage to full housing. With cable stops and short housing lengths the shifting is crisper, the cable runs cleaner, and the whole setup a bit lighter. Clean and lube your derailleur housing every couple rides and it won’t be a problem. When it goes to hell, just replace it. Should last a season or so if you take care of it.

      • Brian E Earle

        Thanks for responding Tony. Here on the North Shore hardtails mostly get ridden as winter / wet sloppy spring bikes. So the least amount of maintenance the better. Either way I guess it’s a personal choice and in this case builders choice. Beautiful bike regardless, it’s inspiration for my own noob frame building. Your B Gravel bike has me thinking about my third build before I’ve even finished with #1 and #2 that I have in process.

        • Tony Pereira

          Cool. Have fun building!

  • Richard Dreyer

    Holy hell that is a mean looking whip


    This bike looks great! Im in the market for a long travel 29er HT. This is a beast! I might be in trouble. Is there a close up of the rear drops? Looks super cool from what I can tell.

  • Gabriel Lyman

    This thing is gorgeous. That’s all to be said.

  • Jamie McKeon

    the droplets are a nice touch…

  • odenator

    Beautiful bike. So no real standout builders from Northern California at NAHBS this year?

  • caliente

    this bike just wants to be shredded on. perfection!

  • Luke

    I rode a longer travel hardtail for the last 3 years and recently moved to a full suspension bike. While the hardtail tought me everything i know about riding fast, now that i´ve made the switch i can´t deny it´s geometry flaws. Going through your travel up front, bumps it´s static head angle of 66° up to a very creepy 74° when the fork is bottomed out. Imagine dropping down somewhere and in the least ideal moment your bike steers like a road bike… very scary.

    Builders should design trail hardtails around a modern full sus trail bike in dynamic sag (a little more than static) and reproduce it as a hardtail.

    take a look:


    • Tony knows what he’s doing here – it’s his own bike and he’s a very seasoned rider. The dude knows MTBs and wants to try something new.