2014 NAHBS: Avery’s Smokey and the Bandit Homage Tourer

At NAHBS, themed bikes are usually hit or miss and by that I mean, people usually get it or they don’t. If you can’t see the theme in this bike, then you probably didn’t grow up on the 80’s watching reruns of Smokey and the Bandit… Or… You just don’t get it.

Josh from Avery County Cycles went way over the top with this homage bike. Built for himself, as his new touring rig, everything was thought out and executed with precision. Down to the choice in tire: Michelin’s Country Rock. The stem is custom and Josh even got Coors-themed water bottles for the show.

For the saddle, Mick Peel from Busyman hand-embossed the firebird logo from Bo Darville’s Trans Am. Other details include PAUL Racers, hand-made carbon fiber racks – with Paragon ends (Josh isn’t 100% sure the front rack is structurally sound, these were mostly for show) and the exquisite Trans Am-inspired wet paint by Jordan Low.

I can almost hear the theme song playing as I’m typing this! See more in the Gallery!

  • I want those racks!

  • Jamie McKeon


  • sturtlovinggood

    I am loving these Avery bikes, but the use of Lobster in their word mark makes me cringe just a little. Only a little, though. It’s hard to cringe at all to such beautiful machines.

    • mattbwhite

      my first thought aswell

  • shankshiv

    Ready for interstate beer run.

    Love it!

  • GeraldBowles

    Loving all the “themed” bikes coming out of NAHBS this year.

  • Keith Adams


  • Patrick Murphy

    I knew after his debut navy/copper commuter last year that Josh would bring the goods, and his booth didn’t disappoint. I managed to snag a pair of the Coors bottles too, and I must say, water tastes a little frostier coming out of them.

  • shitbike

    greatest racks ever

  • Gold chain wouldn’t have hurt on this occasion. Great shots.

  • Kerry Nordstrom


  • boomforeal

    wow, carbon fibre racks made for show… kinda sums up nahbs right there