2014 NAHBS: 44 Bikes Retroshift Cross

Going into NAHBS this year, one builder I was very interested in chatting with was Kris from 44 Bikes. I’ve enjoyed watching his brand gain so much notoriety over the past year and wanted to find out more about what made him tick.

We chatted a lot, went over all his bikes, talked about New Hampshire life, dirt, trails and what inspired his insane DIY workshop project. At the end of the show, I realized that I shot all three of his bike, essentially giving more coverage to him than any other builder.

There’s no real reason for that, other than since Kris was new to NAHBS, I really wanted to give him some exposure because I really admire his work.

Case in point: this 1×8 Retroshift Cross Bike. Kris used the Retroshift system on his TRP Hylex hydro disc brakes, Industry 9 wheels, along with the Retroshift BURD rear derailleur. Tech aside, this bike has stance. Bright red, crisp lines, no-nonsense language and yes, as I like to say, it’s utilitarian art. See more in the Gallery!

  • PwetStar

    I understand his waiting list is about 7 mos. or so. When I decide to pull the trigger, and with your coverage, I will probably have to wait longer!


    44 is killin’ it right about now!!!

  • miles whitmore

    Awesome bike, does have pretty proper stance. I also love seeing 8 speed on a nahbs bike!

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Funny to see Force 22 on a 1×8 bike!

  • DMT

    No Chris king headset? Were they out of stock everywhere? Lol