WTB’s New Nano 40c Tire Looks Cushy Feb 21, 2014


It’s kinda funny how such a simple thing can bring such joy to people. Yeah, a 40c tire. It’s bigger than a 35c but not as big as a 45c. It’ll fit just about any production cross frame. WTB calls it a gravel tire, but that tread looks like it’ll rip up some 1-track just fine.

Here’s the scoop:

“WTB Nano 40c tires will be available in Race and Comp versions starting April of 2014. Nano 40c Race tires will feature a folding Aramid bead, Lightweight Casing, DNA Rubber, weigh in at 470g, and retail for $49.95. Nano 40c Comp tires will feature a wire bead, Durable Casing, DNA Rubber, weigh 550g, and retail for $31.95.”

Yes! Gumwalls!

  • Trevor H

    I can’t wait to get these tires on my bike. I second the Gumwall idea.

  • “Nano 40c Bro tires will feature a Gumwall, folding Aramid bead, Lightweight Casing, DNA Rubber, weigh in at 470g, and retail for $79.95.”

    • LOL I’m an idiot.

      • I was actually joking… There’s a gumwall? What’s the price/spec?

  • Jack Luke

    Those meaty knobs on the side will consume singletrack, a fine choice.

  • All I want is them to bring back the 47c Mutano Raptor. That was one of my favorites, and it was great on singletrack. Unfortunately pretty sure the last time they were available was 12 years ago.

  • Morgan Taylor

    I had these in 1.95, they were not a very good tire in the grand scheme of things. Better off with a Schwalbe Ralph or Ron.

    • they make those in a 40c?

      • Morgan Taylor

        Apparently not? Gravel is your territory; I’ll stick to mountain bikes – but ain’t nobody want to ride a Nano.

        • I don’t really ride a lot of gravel. Frontage road / dirt / fire roads / singletrack / doubletrack sure, but gravel’s not my thing… ;-)

          • Andy Brown

            These will rule the Frontage road / dirt / fire roads / singletrack / doubletrack on CX rig, as long as it is peanut butter.

        • tkruse

          These, in 29″ sizes, are pretty popular tires among the ultra-distance/bikepacking crowd who ride a lot of mixed condition gravel. So, I imagine the 40mm version will be ideal for everything that’s just a bit too gnarly for a slick or file tread.

  • btdubs

    I want tubeless-ready tanwall cyclocross tires. Sadly, such a thing will likely never be produced. Tanwalls are in such small demand that it would just never happen…

  • TaylorSizemore

    same tread as the nano raptor it looks like, which rules and is on my 29er. I’d love those on my cross bike though!