Winter Bicycles: Allaban Light Tourer Feb 20, 2014


Photo by Anthony Bareno

I love the idea of light tourers, or randonee bikes. To me, they’re one of the best all-around machines. Part commuter, part weekender, part audax, loaded or unloaded, they’re fun to ride. Allaban is Gaelic for “wandering” and that’s exactly the intent of this machine. See more at Winter Bicycles. By the way, those are the best cranks for a touring bike!

  • Tim Bateman

    what crankset is that?

    • Chris

      White Ind.

      • Tim Bateman

        ahh yes, the VBC. forgot about those guys. might have to throw down for a set for my AWOL build.

  • I take it that these are his own racks. Who does something similiar? A small front (porteur) rack that can carry a handlebar bag or other small stuff like a tent or a sleeping bag? Plus, it has to be black.

    • The black part is hard. But you could always get a Nitto / Rivendell / etc rack powder coated. Velo Orange also sells racks, but I’d go Nitto personally.

      • I know, only the large racks like Tubus seem to be made in black.

  • Scott

    Eric Estlund is by far my favourite builder to watch. Everything he does is so crisp and elegant. His Flickr just blows me away every time.

  • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

    Speaking of cranks, I thought about these for a tourer too, but I’m concerned about how it could go with a gates belt transmission ?

  • djconnel

    The crank is White VHC: very nice, not a hint of flex for me, and the ring options are extensive. The logos are blacked out, a good choice made by Eric. The racks are custom. Really, they need to be seen in person to do them justice: absolutely wonderful work. The rear is easily removed for randonneuring and commuting, reinstalled for touring. The Paul Racer brakes are a bit moody to set up, but once set, work great. Eric decided to go with the bridge rather than braze-on mounts for those, to provide for more flexibility in choice, but they work so well I think braze-on would have been an excellent choice also. Total bike weight is around 23 lb with pedals, with front rack but not rear. Not bad, considering no weight weenie measures were taken.