Viking Trail Blazer Patch in Stock Feb 4, 2014


It ain’t easy hitting trails with a Viking Blazer. Remember: if you aren’t crashing, you’re not going fast enough. Drop one of these on your backpack, bar bag, saddle bag or jean jacket. Artwork by Kyler Martz!

Patches are 3″ wide, iron-on, crafted with care in the USA and will cost you $7 shipped to the USA and $8 shipped worldwide. Expect shipments to leave Austin in two weeks!

Sorry, sold out!

  • dope!

    • I’m pretty stoked on this one. Hella weird!

  • Keith Gibson

    covered all the bases:
    Lasers, skulls, and vikings. Oh and USA!!!!!

  • ttalpwehttam

    These are too sick, had to snag one!

  • Alec McLaughlin

    Ugh. Hate missing out on somethings

  • Alec McLaughlin

    One epic patch