The Cinelli Bootleg Hobo Feb 3, 2014



While I’ve shown you photos of Cinelli’s new touring bike before, I don’t think I’ve given a proper introduction. The Bootleg Hobo was developed as a fully-loaded touring bike, spec’d with a triple crankset, front and rear racks, proper touring wheelbase and a mid-trail geometry. You can see more details at Cinelli and the Hobo is in stock and ready to ship to your local Cinelli dealer.

Cinelli Bootleg Tour d’Afrique 2013 and the Hobo

  • What’s that latch-looking piece on the headset?

    • Cable hanger

      • adamgnewman

        It’s a steering bumper. Right below the headset bearing is the stop. The dangly bit keeps the handlebars from rotating too far. Pretty common on touring bikes.

      • I believe he means the piece above the headset. It took me a minute to figure it out too.

        The piece above the headset is a bumper that prevents the bars from rotating beyond 90deg in either direction.

        The cable hanger is on the fork not the headset.

  • Patrick Murphy

    beautiful bike….but I think I’m more excited that that tape is available aftermarket. Cinelli is killing it in the bar tape game. However trivial the bar tape game is…

    • mookauu

      Yeah, just Google “Cinelli Hobo Volee Tape”. Comes in brown too, Cinelli sells it through their webstore.

  • Ian Stone

    What’s the benefit of having the shifters on the bar ends? Never owned or ridden a bike like that. Only see them on touring builds.

    • They’re easier to repair if something gets damaged and you’re in the middle of nowhere.

  • It’s my understanding that the FSA Triple Crank is a piece of crap. Though, overall, I really like this offering from Cinelli.

  • Mane

    I think I am the only person in America that was stupid enough to buy this bike at this price point !!!!! Other than than the brakes and pedals…The rest of the group set is a piece of %#%*!!!! The bar end shifters are a joke..