The 2014 PiNP Calendar: February Feb 4, 2014


This is the second layout of the 2014 PiNP Calendar, entitled “AWOL”. The camera and location are noted on the bottom left of the document.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting antsy to go on another ride like this. California has many hidden roads and we barely scratched the surface in the Diablo Range. Out of all the photos from that photoset, this is the one most people requested in high-res.

For a high-res JPG, suitable for print and desktop wallpaper, right click and save link as – 2014 PiNP Calendar: February

Please, this photo is for personal use only!

  • Jamie McKeon


  • Nicholas Erickson

    The more I explore the bay area on bike the bucket list of local rides just continues to expand.

  • Western Rapid

    Thanks for listening, and supply as a desktop hi-res. Lovely.

  • bohischoen

    Hello John, using the calendar as a screen wallpaper I realized the letters of the days don’t match the digits of the date since 7th of Feb on. Otherwise still works great for upcoming holiday motivation. Thanks!

    • James Bolton

      Just noticed it myself as I was typing up a memo.

    • Andy Brown

      I had to add a note to the my copy… Took me a week figure out why i was always a day off.

      • Sorry guys! Will fix the next one… :-(

        • Andy Brown

          I’m not complaining! I have them pinned up in my cube at the office. I dig them!

          • All good! I hate when I fuck up shit like that. ;-)