TCB Courier: Rubber Side Down Long Sleeve Feb 4, 2014


I see this shirt and I immediately think of Irate, Terror, Bane and other east coast hardcore bands of the 90’s. Seriously, the east ruled HxC in those days! I’m just stoked to see the spirit and the somewhat questionable design choices living on in modern times with shirts like this. Kick it up and keep that rubber side down with TCB Courier!

  • Stout

    This shirt is tight and so is the inspiration from hardcore

  • Kyle

    Isn’t Terror from LA? Nonetheless, this is a great shirt.

  • Robert

    Did Irate ever make shirts? If so, I want one. Also Buried Alive might be what you’re thinking of since they were from the 90s and from Buffalo.

  • fuck no

    Prolly droppin that knowledge son!

  • zeeeeeeecore