Rouler Cycling: Rosko Loup Garou Team CX Prototype Feb 17, 2014



Photos by JP Bevins

My buddies at Rouler Cycling in New Orleans just dropped this beaut of a cross bike, made by Seth Rosko in Brooklyn. Here’s a little background:

“When Seth Rosko and Wes McWhorter set out on their first collaborative bike design project, they wanted to create a machine that was equal parts beautiful and shreddable. Rather than opt for a elegant road bike or functional SS commuter, they went right for the throat with the Loup Garou Team CX Prototype.

What’s so “prototypical” about this bike? Well, primarily the concept. Based in New Orleans, Rouler is a relatively new cycling company. Over the last year they have focused on testing a variety of different business models and product offerings to make sure the brand is connecting deeply and relevantly with their customers and clients. The consistent thread running throughout is their commitment to design — be it great looking apparel, clever product parodies or popular event promotions.

The Loup Garou takes its name from a popular story in Louisiana folklore and marries that to the “legend of Roulandria”. It’s all realized in a murdered out 18 lb steel and carbon machine that will be tearing up the swamplocross courses of Delta States Grand Prix next CX season.:

See more below, including a build list!







Build List:

Frame: Rosko Cycles cyclocross, Columbus HSS tubing with Paragon Machine Works small parts
Fork: Enve 1.5 cx (canti)
Headset: Chris King i7
Stem: Ritchey WCS
Bar: Zipp Service Corse
Tape: Lizard Skins DSP
Clamp: DKG
Post: Ritchey WCS
Saddle: ProLogo
Shifter: Sram Force
Brakes: Paul touring
Front D: Sram Force
Rear D: Sram Rival
Crank: Sram Rival
BB: Sram GXP
Hubs: Chris King r45
Rim: H+ Son Archetype
Spokes: DT Swiss Competition
Tires: Michelin Mud2

11 responses to “Rouler Cycling: Rosko Loup Garou Team CX Prototype”

  1. ForrestCambron says:

    This is amazing.

  2. Kat Daley says:

    1 word,3 letters.


  3. Micheal Boedigheimer says:

    That head badge!

  4. Zac says:

    How do I give you all of my money?

  5. Jamie McKeon says:

    looks beastly

  6. disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ says:

    Travis W. Simon on the hand painted details.

    Wondering why they picked Rouler when they’re unaffiliated with the magazine that already has a ton of noteriety.

    • Wes McWhorter says:

      Yeah, truth, Travis did a stellar job on the details. We’ll be updating the project details to include his contributions.

      Actually, Rouler picked Seth to work with as we’re building quite a reputation ourselves for supporting US-made, artisanal manufacturers and fabricators who have a penchant for quality design and attention to detail.

      And as the project description indicates, this bike is really a conceptual prototype for our brand. Seth is damn good on his own (obviously), but we’re looking for ways to collaborate beyond one-off frame builds to help grow his business as well as ours.

      If you have the inclination to follow us, we think you’ll be pretty stoked as we develop. And for sure, we’re always looking for constructive feedback as we go along on this journey.

      • disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ says:

        I was wondering why you picked the name Roleur, not why Seth is working with you. Is it affiliated with the magazine? Seems like you have a cool thing going on. I’ll keep my eyes open for what’s next.

        • Wes McWhorter says:

          Ah, got it! Well, there’s a subtle difference in the spelling – we’re Rouler (the French word which means “to roll”) and they’re Rouleur (a peloton euphemism for quintessential “hard man”).

          Much respect to those guys for what they are doing, and frankly they serve as a big inspiration for what we’re shooting for.

          The word “Rouler” also has a pretty close tie to the city wide motto for New Orleans — “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”. So there’s also that!

      • Kevin Camel says:

        How do i buy one?