The Last Frames

When you shoot a lot of film, you end with a few frames left over from time to time. Some of these photos are from my AWOL ride, others from MTB trails in Austin and a few randoms. None really mean much together but as individual frames, they tell their own story. Check out narrated photos in the Gallery!

  • one day I will visit austin! convinced by photos of a blogger.

  • Aaron

    Did you ever consider getting a suspension fork to swap in and out on that bike, or is that way complicated?

    • AttackCowboy

      It isn’t too hard to swap forks but my guess is the geometry is dialed in as a ridged bike and a suspension fork wouldn’t work great or feel that good as a result.

    • Yeah, it’s non-sus corrected so a sus fork would make it ride like a beach cruiser. I can rip plenty hard on that bike as is. It’s the jam!