Marinoni: 40th Anniversary SL Road Frames Feb 5, 2014


Marinoni, one of the most renown Canadian frame builders are celebrating 40 years of craftsmanship with an exclusive 40th Columbus SL road frameset:

“The Marinoni 40th Anniversary SL is a lugged tubular Columbus SL frame with a classic look and geometry. The frame is offered stock with a BSA Italian bottom bracket and a choice of either threaded or threadless steel fork. Options of chromed finish give it a nice retro look. The 40th Anniversary SL is offered in 5 stock sizes and is also offered with optional custom geometry.

Available as a frameset, or in three Campagnolo groupset of configuration: Veloce Silver, Athena Silver and the very exclusive 80th Anniversary.”

I love this so much and I wish more builders would engage in their heritage more. Seriously, what an awesome idea!

  • schue113

    Clarify BSA Italian. BSA (BSC/ISO) OR Italian or what is going on here?

    • BSA Italian is the exact wording on their site…

      I would guess that it is just Italian though, since in the options you can order it with a “BSA English” bottom bracket for $35.

      • schue113

        Do they have an option for BB30/86.5/386EVO/UT Swiss too?

  • I miss my ‘Noni!

    This frame is beautiful, and not too expensive. Starts at $1350.

  • Outlookrt

    So nice. Good to see some love for Marinoni. I have an 80s SL Marinoni Special frame that I had to store in Toronto when I moved. Miss it. One day it will go back to the Marinoni Family in Quebec for a much needed repaint and rebuild.

  • superchampioncycleshop

    I have a ’77 Marinoni that is still a daily rider/camping bike after being a trusty messenger steed. Always nice to see them appreciated.

  • Thanks for posting this! I ended up calling them and was able to get them to do a track version for me with custom geometry—perfect for the new velodrome they are building in town for the Pan Am games. I can’t wait to ride it!