I Get a Lot of Rad Guests in Austin Feb 5, 2014


Yesterday Hubert D’Autremont rolled into town, after spending a month in Arizona. As he was unloading his road bike (more on that later), I looked in his truck and saw this singlespeed 27.5 hardtail. The first words out of my mouth were “oh shit! we’re gonna go shreddddddding tomorrow!”.

Shred is exactly what we did and post sess, I shot some photos of this incredibly simple, yet elegant bike.

Expect more soon!

  • Harris

    Hubert!!!! Come back to Burlington, buddy. I need you!

  • Hi Hubert!

  • FireFly

    Love to Hubert!

  • Adam St. Germain

    Schemes need scheming, get that guy back to BTV already.