Hardbrakers – Budapest to Istanbul Trailer Feb 9, 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fixed gear distance ride video with such a high production value. It looks amazing! There’s more on this project to come!

  • kahr


    • So?

      • kahr

        you mad.

        video was sick though.

        • I’m actually not mad.

          • kahr

            i don’t see the big deal in pointing out anything. to each is own and thats why we are allowed to comment. Don’t be mad at me cos you probably have a brake on your TRACK bike.

          • I don’t have a brake on my track bike. I just didn’t understand what you were saying! Chill bro.

          • kahr

            chill as a cucumber

        • Str8H8

          Eat shit bird brain

          • kahr

            eat shit bird brain

    • Endgegner

      13 Riders, 5 brakeless, 8 with just the front brake. Believe me or not!

  • trackosaurusrex

    so fucking good!

  • chinny

    awesome production. epic ride.
    personally i cant think of anything worse than riding a fixed gear that far, but they look like they are loving it so kudos to them!

  • Pawel Klinkosz

    Is it really fixed gear? I would rather say single speed.

    • dont see anyone coasting in this video.

      • Pawel Klinkosz

        Check out 0:52. But later I can see that other guys pedals move like in fixed gear. So I guess it is little of both.

        • Rey S

          He’s skidding…

          • Pawel Klinkosz

            Oh you’re right Rey S. It looked to me that rear wheel is just rotating. Sorry for the fuss :-)

  • James Smith

    That’s pretty fucking epic. I don’t think having brakes or not is the point. Makes me want to try a ride like that on my track….I’d have tons of puke footage though.

  • naisemaj

    Looks like an awesome ride, so they must have been supported, right?

  • Angefixed_de

    Know the guys – the ride fixed. Not their first tour though. They do one long distance every year. What makes their riding even more awesome is the fact that they usually get totally wasted every night during such a tour. Or at least that is what one hears. ;)

  • odenator

    anyone know the track?

  • Vincent Malo

    Kudos. Reminds me of https://vimeo.com/72115233

  • Guest

    Good trailer. Shame it goes all pervy and misogynist at the end though.