Firefly: Adventure Team Bikes Feb 18, 2014


I’m so stoked on this project from Firefly Bicycles. They put together a team of all incredible women to take on some of the nation’s greatest “adventure” races and set them up with these titanium gravel machines. Last weekend, they threw a build party, where each rider assembled their bikes. You can see those photos and more photos of the builds at the Firefly Flickr! Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

  • Eddie Jacobson

    Beautiful scheme. I spy a couple of orange cuppows in there, too.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Digging the pattern on the fork. Might have looked cool on the wheel logos too.

  • Matt Kershaw

    Dat fork.

  • Jamie McKeon

    fork ENVE decal is sick!

    also theres an OG prolly viking in that set

  • Tyler Johnson

    Would love to see the ‘more to come’ from this.