Fairweather 29’r XC Tires Feb 17, 2014


Made by Panaracer in Japan, designed by Fairweather for XC riding and in stock now at Blue Lug, these tires look incredible. My only question: who in the States will be carrying them? See more at the Blue Lug Flickr!

  • Snake Handler

    John, the tread and tire are part of the Cedric Gracia signature line from Panaracer. The ‘Fairweather for XC’ likely refers to the tasty gumwall.

    A bit here on the CX version: http://www.cxmagazine.com/panaracer-cedric-gracia-cyclocross-tire-cgcx-first-look

  • Greg Pinch

    Any idea if these are available in 27.5″?

  • trackosaurusrex

    Those are sick!

  • Richard Dreyer

    Whoever is the first to make a TUBELESS gumwall 29er tire will get a lot of money thrown at them immediately. I’m still waiting…

    • Um… Maxxis Ardent gumwall is tubeless ready.

      • Richard Dreyer

        Yes it is… In black sidewall. The gum colored side wall is not tubeless ready per their website (far right column is feature/tech). Unless I’m missing something.

        • I know a bunch of people running them tubeless with no issues.

          • Richard Dreyer

            To each their own. I’ve run non-tubeless tires as such on tubeless rims with explosive results. Leaving that in the past and trusting the engineers from here.

          • Tommy Callahan
    • GRAVELBIKE.com

      Onza Canis are tubeless ready and have tan sidewalls.

    • GRAVELBIKE.com

      Onza’s Canis 29er tire is tubeless-ready and available with tan sidewalls.