Does Your LBS Owner Do Standup? Feb 28, 2014

Chris Kelly of Topanga Creek Cycles – aka the best MTB shop in America – lays it all out. LISTEN TO HIM PEOPLE. Support your local bike shop!

“I don’t know the answers”… so good!


  • Pat Knox

    This is great! Now maybe some customers will wise up and act right. But probably not haha

  • Charlie Westcott

    tcb, come for the comedy, stay for the banana bread

  • Chris Valente

    Props to this dude for getting up there on stage, man that shit must be nerve racking. But my experiences with shops is that they often don’t differentiate between people he describes – who are assholes – and people like me, who genuinely want to buy from and support local shops. So as a result, people who just want some actual assistance are treated like have their phone out looking at prices online. In the end window shoppers are assholes and online shopping is super convenient so we all need to do our best to make it work.