Chris King Tamper at Wright Bros Brew & Brew Feb 5, 2014


I’ve always wanted a Chris King tamper, but never had the use for one. A good espresso machine is way out of my budget and besides, I like socializing at coffee shops and supporting the business. I’m lucky to have two shops close by here in Austin, one of which being the Brew & Brew. It’s a half beer, half coffee bar and it just so happened they were in need of a new tamper.

Last week, I brought them a brand new red Chris King Tamper (thanks guys!) and yesterday, during the full nuke sunset, I went by to shoot photos of Megan, the barista using it. I can’t promise epicness, or bikes, but the tamper is damn fine.

Did I mention they have all the colors of the campione del mondo in stock now?

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Thanks to much to Chris King for bestowing such rad gifts to my local coffee shop. I personally love the espresso cup and saucer.

  • Francis Kneller

    I gave in and was lucky enough to grab a purple one. cant beat it for bike/coffee related ‘i must have one of those’ items.

  • Sore Calves

    Thank you so much for this post – I was really surprised when realized that the espresso cup and saucer are actually produced in a factory less than 10 miles away from my house! I’m gonna save big on shipping costs here hehehe.

  • quesofrito

    you misspelled the BRO & BRO!!!

  • FireFly

    Full nuke.

  • Brendan Ault

    My wife uses one of these at work here in PDX and loves it. She says it is the perfect weight. I say its Chris King and rad.

  • wunnspeed

    I have the same red one and it’s used once or twice daily. It makes making coffee that much better. Now, for the double shot espresso cups.