CBNC and David Flores Skinsuits Feb 14, 2014


Photo by Ace Carretero

As part of the “Beer Suit” series, CBNC got David Flores to design an ENDO skinsuit based on his unique style. Speaking of style, meet Mel, she’s one rad lady and she just so happens to do my vinyl decals. Mel is just one of the CBNC team riders, head over to Ace’s Flickr to meet the rest. That Greg is sure dreamy!

  • Ian Stone


    • thanks for keeping it classy and predictable… Come on Ian!

      • Ian Stone

        Sorry! Someone was going to say it regardless. At least it’s a compliment unlike the shit storm people started over Kelli.

        I only meant it in the most respectable way possible. :p

  • Jamie McKeon

    vinyl decals huh huh huh

    • Sean Martin

      Yes, she makes decals in our home for quite a few brands, blogs and shops.

      • Jamie McKeon

        nah dude i meant “when are you making more prolly decals”. nothin bad intended.

        • You fucked it up dude. No more decals. EVER!

          • Jamie McKeon

            fuck me right

          • Ian Stone

            Dammit Jamie!

  • Adam Miller

    It’s a very location-specific camouflage skinsuit …

  • Virginia

    What’s retail on that skinsuit? If it’s team kit does one of the girls want to sell her 2014 stuff?