Big Dirty Rage Race Feb 3, 2014

When someone says the following words, in any order, I get chills: bike, China, race. Especially in Beijing! Big Dirty threw a rather intense race earlier this year: Tianjin to Beijing, 130km in 35C weather. Count. Me. Out!


    Anyone who rides a Campa Pista wheel with a break should be shot in the back and dragged through the streets in that order.

    • you mean a “brake”?

    • bbt

      why do you care? who gives a shit.

    • David Erwin

      “Brakes” were a requirement for this race because the traffic in China is mad, but this guy never used them. Tang the Bang got first place, he took the shortcut down the G2 which is a freeway connecting the two cities. Absolutely insane!

    • Angus McDougal

      Brakes and helmets also enabled us to insure the riders for the day. Most didn’t use em. Said bike belongs to “Bang Bang” Tang, the race winner, and homie kept up almost 29km/hr for four and a half hours in 35C heat in North Eastern China. Doesn’t get much gnarlier.

  • Nice would have loved to be there! We did sort of the same thing last summer, Rotterdam – Antwerp (115~120km in 32C) but we raced back the next day. Fastest guy did both trips in 6h47m (Stefan Vis).

  • Daniel Freed

    Yo David Erwin and Angus McDougal, miss you guys!! Really cool to see some chatter about our “Rage” 6 months later, and what a cool place to see it!! To add to the discussion, those who know me know how I feel about brakes. Let’s put it this way, brakes were a requirement for participation in this race the same way a brake is legally required on bikes in New York City. Can’t fucking wait for Monstertrack 14 just one month away!!!