Whisky Parts Surly Krampus MTB

I love how you can take a frame that’s very accessible and affordable, strip it, then paint or powdercoat it. From there, you can either rebuild the stock kit, or build it up with choice components. For Matt at Whisky Parts, he did the latter.

Matt put a Whisky fork, bars on the front, a Whisky seatpost, Chromag stem, saddle, Industry Nine wheels, Middleburn cranks, HOPE pedals, Hope brakes and a Chris King bottom bracket. The all black component list just makes that gold powdercoat pop! I think this bike was my favorite at Frostbike and I gotta tell ya, it makes me want to do something rad with my Pugs…

See more in the Gallery!

  • Shawn Small

    that looks rad! Does the stock Knard tires fit through that fork? Cause if so I have some schemes to hatch.

    • Yep

    • WhiskyPartsCo

      Hey Shawn, it has 8mm of clearance on each side of the tire when setup tubeless with Knard/Rabbit holes. Start schemin’

  • naisemaj

    Looks pretty rad, not a huge fan of the stem though. Too blocky for such clean lines. What’s that texture on the whiskey fork? Never seen that before! And what hydro lines are those?? Sexy as hell looking.

  • BuffaloDaveToGo

    I swung my leg over this bike on Sunday but kept it indoors. Very impressed. The front end is especially light for such a big bike and the fork has HUGE clearance.

  • PwetStar

    Are Whisky seat posts actually available?

    • They will be soon!

    • WhiskyPartsCo

      PwetStar, They will be in stock by April 1st.

  • Poolboy 1.0

    Tubeless 29+ FTW!

  • time to add the whiskey part no 9 fork to my build kit… damn

  • Omar Bhimji

    this bike is hawt!

  • boomforeal

    good looking bike. understated, well appointed, functional

  • SLL

    My mouse keeps bringing me back to this bike. What a beaut!

  • Peter Bakken

    this is an inspiration…

  • Ed

    Is that texture on the fork normal? The second photo in the set. I have never seen this make/model in person. Great looking bike and parts.