Vintage Yeti Ultimate MTB

The Yeti. A mythical beast, said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains, sought by Westerners with cameras. Or in this case, an American MTB company that began by selling hand made frames in the USA. The first frames of this purebred brand were crafted by Frank the Welder (FTW). Yeti’s early bikes are very much sought after by Westerners, much like their namesake spirit animal. But unlike blurry photos shot in snow-capped mountains, I managed to document one sharply in sunny Los Angeles.

This bike in particular is part of an ongoing collection from a Los Angeleian who knows where to take his bikes. His collection spans a few Chris Chance MTBs, various Yetis and this yellow Yeti Ultimate. Spec’d with period correct parts, a FTW stem and yes, built with care by Golden Saddle Cyclery, this beaut stared me down all last week while I was in LA…

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  • I’m in love. These are the bikes I was never able to afford back then and I’m still loving them.

  • Lee Green
  • love how they some how thought a highter center of gravity would be better

    • JerseyCouture

      I think if the center of gravity was any lower, the chainring would hit the ground.

      • No I was talking about the frame design, moving the downtube and chainstays up heightens the center of gravity.. which isn’t nice

  • Peter Hanchak

    So great! I love the weird integrated cable guide and barrel adjuster on the stem. Any idea who the maker was?

  • odenator


  • Davey Struthers

    very awesome photos

  • chocolate_giddyup

    Love it!