Pat’s Titanium IF Crown Jewel Road

When I first saw this bike at Golden Saddle Cyclery, I was drawn like a moth to a flame by the purple Chris King parts complimented by the matte titanium finish. This Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel is one sleek road bike but it’s not without little build nuances.

SRAM Force cranks, Red brakes, Ultegra Di2 derailleurs, Ultegra shifters and ENVE wheels. There’s something about electronic shifting on a bike that pre-dates the technology that some would find maddening with all the wiring, but personally, I like it. Especially when the bike is easy on the eyes!

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  • Ultra_Orange

    How good is electronic shifting?

    • G

      It is fast and precise. But the feeling while pressing the levers is different and the sound too. Bzz Bzz Bzz… Personally I prefer the mechanical group

    • David

      It’s incredible. There’s a high probability that anyone saying otherwise either A) has a purist agenda or B) hasn’t tried it. I agree with G a bit on the noise, but to me, that’s not a deal breaker by any stretch, and frankly I sort of like it. As good as DA9K and Record/Super Rec mech groups are (I loathe SRAM), I’d never swap off of electronic at this point.

      • John Jones

        Why loathe SRAM? It’s rebuild-able, simple, and cheap. I cant speak to longevity, I’ve only got a little more than 3k miles on a new Rival group.

        • David

          I do not enjoy the shifting at all. That and the mere fact that it has to be marketed as “rebuildable” with the best and fastest warranty program, speaks volumes. To me anyway.

        • That’s my thought. But it’s all preference.

      • Richard Smith

        I owned and used the 10spd Ultegra Di2 group, and have also ridden bikes with all iterations of Dura-Ace Di2. I don’t like it. I don’t like the feel of the shift, I don’t like that I can’t control the speed of the shift (it does the exact same shift no matter where you are through the pedal stroke, how much torque you’re putting in, and how fast your cadence is), I don’t like how expensive a rear mech is when you need to replace it after a fall and I don’t like that there’s a battery on my otherwise purely mechanical wonder-machine. Although it’s a pretty cool novelty at first, after a few hundred miles I realised that I’m also not toooo keen on the motor noise either.
        That said, If I was racing at a high level I’d consider using it again for the ability to shift multiple gears up and down at the lightest touch of a button. And the hoods are beautifully shaped. And it’s good for travel bikes in that it’s easy to unplug and reconnect components, ready to go.

    • David

      and I love hearing my FD auto-trim. So good.

  • My kind of color scheme. Love it.

  • does anybody know what spokes he used? they seem bladed, not as huge as the DT Swiss bladed spokes.. really like it!

    • caliente

      Sapim cx ray?

      • Patrick Estrella


  • Patrick Estrella

    Thanks for the pictures John, they look awesome. Better than expected ;)

  • Jamie McKeon

    this is one of the sickest bikes i’ve seen here in ages!

  • Alex Hillis

    There’s a lot of Beautiful Bikes on this site, but this one is calling to me….


  • Jeff Koontz

    Love this bike.. I actually don’t mind the electronic shifting. It’s the brakes, cranks and pedals that would not be in my spec. But nitpicking, not much to not like here.

  • Guenther Antonio

    Nice whip Jahnny!

    • Patrick Estrella

      Thanks Yanni!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    FYI the newest SRAM 11 speed is not rebuildable, though I’ve had lots of luck with all of my 10 speed stuff.

  • montezuma187


  • Hollis Duncan

    Lavish me with SR11 mechanical por favor. -Pat’s IF

  • sam lightning bolt

    What fork is that? I don’t recognize it.

  • Wade Stevens

    i would love to have the opportunity to have the experience to argue about groups …
    gorgeous bike. punk as fuck.
    sooooo love Ti bikes

  • IrieOutdoors

    Irie ride! Love Ti…