Joseph’s Nagasawa Track

I’m a firm believer that once a track bike leaves the velodrome, steps can be made to make it slightly more practical for street use. First, off with the tubular wheels and the road pedals, then a gearing change. Maybe even a brake gets added, depending on the skill level of the rider. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a beautiful machine like this.

Joseph is an “intern” of sorts at Golden Saddle Cyclery. He’s a third hand in the mechanic’s area and is learning all he can about bicycle maintenance. Though you wouldn’t think it based on their day to day interactions (you gotta keep kids in check!), Joseph got on Kyle’s good side and managed to swoop up this bike for a song. He built up new wheels – since he’s a bigger guy – he felt that deeper rims would be more durable, added a brake and put on SPD pedals.

While it’s not a purist build by any standards, it’s still a gorgeous machine. On my last night in LA, Joseph brought it out for me to shoot some photos. I wish there had been more daylight because this thing is a beaut! If track bikes are a gateway drug into cycling, this bike is heroin. See for yourself in the Gallery.

  • Sean

    Okay, educate me; what is on the top tube?

  • Raving Elk

    Keirin for pussies.

    • I love your eloquence.

    • Harrison

      That’s called a Keirin brake. It’s a clamp brake designed for Keirin riders to use when riding their bicycles on the road.

      • Ahab
        • Harrison

          When commuting, not racing on a closed course. Why do you think the technology to attach a brake to a track bike exists? You all need to get over yourselves.

  • primotapia

    is the kashimax nagasawa saddle comfortable? I really want to order one but I’m unfamiliar with that one.

    • I don’t think it’s “comfy” personally.

    • Ryan Combdon

      If this is the NK-1 model, to me it’s looks like it is. It is said to have the softest “cushion” compared to other padded Kashimax saddles. So i’m guessing if you don’t mind how narrow it is, this could be very comfy.

    • James Bolton

      I commute on a padded Kashimax Aero and it’s pretty comfortable in my opinion. According to Kashimax’s website they have some Brook’s style saddles but I can’t figure out how to get my hands on one.

      • primotapia

        Thanks everyone for the input!

  • Noel Smith

    Something about putting deep-dish rims on one of the finest framesets money can buy really not doing it for me.. nice ride though.

    • Davey Struthers

      something about saying deep-dish just makes me think pizza!

  • Wade Stevens

    gorgeous bike and photos

  • James

    Remember when Fixed Gear Gallery was the bomb?! Back when we chatted it up on the Bike Forums “FG/SS” thread with “juvi-kyle”? You know it was 2005! OMG! That was like 10 years ago!!!

  • Go Joseph – nice upgrade!

    Red or yellow brake cable would make it really pop!

    Ride safe. x

  • Cooper Mittelhauser

    “Depending on the skill level of the rider”

  • Das Spoon

    Skewer,deep rims and spoke pattern on front wheel. Just a bad taste. And front brake still ugly.

  • tractor

  • Litze

    Looks like mine! I’ve already seen some in that blue/grey =)