Icarus Fade Chevron Singlespeed Frame

It’s kind of nice living two miles from Icarus Frames‘ shop in South Austin. When Ian gets in a frame from paint, I can just cruise on over and shoot a few photos. When he gets a frame in like this singlespeed road however, I spend a little more time documenting it.

This is a custom bicycle. It’s a NAHBS-worthy bike, although Ian has never shown at NAHBS. The detailing is above and beyond your average frame. Everything is shaped, carved and sculpted to perfection. Stainless rear, stainless lugs, internal routing, polished everything, immaculate shorelines, covered by a wild wet paint job, courtesy of Fresh Frame.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so dialed come out of Ian’s shop and to think, his queue has a quick turnaround. I just wish I could have photographed the complete bike!

Check out more insane details in the Gallery.

16 responses to “Icarus Fade Chevron Singlespeed Frame”

  1. Scott says:

    I think I’m more stoked on the paint job than the frame (with all due respect to the amazing craftsmanship.)

  2. Mr_Bridge says:

    Jaw on the floor. Magnificent.

  3. Adam Miller says:

    Incredible. Why hasn’t he shown at NAHBS? Too busy blowing everyone’s mind?

  4. Spencer Olinek says:


  5. tanner says:

    Awesome! love the frame details and the paint job!

  6. Jamie McKeon says:

    oooooh my goooooooood!

  7. Jake Kruse says:

    wow, all i have to say is…


  8. Patrick Murphy says:

    That frame is not real. Those are renders. And photoshop. And the matrix.

  9. Stuart Hetherington says:

    Damn, this dude is just killing it, the lugs, the dropouts, the paint, color choice – so badass.

  10. Sebastian says:

    Absolutely incredible.

  11. Tommy Barse says:

    The fact that Ian’s lugged frames aren’t very common I always enjoy seeing them. Especially with a scheme like this! Both Ian and Bryan are excellent at their craft.

  12. Andy Brown says:

    This thing is a jean ripper.

  13. Mitchell Kenne says:

    Please, please post a full build if you’re able to.